Safety is the first and foremost priority for all our employees as well as the management at PMAC. In order to make sure that our employees are up-to-date with all the safety procedures, we regularly train them in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) awareness programs. These programs equip our employees with all the knowledge and information necessary to keep them safe and secure at their workplaces. Along these lines, we also give them training on how to use personal protective equipment as well as the machinery and tools in the factory. To add to this, the company also conducts weekly safety meetings and mock drills to ensure that everybody is aware of all the rules and regulations with regards to safety and security. All these measures ensure that our employees are 100% safeguarded within the premises of our factory.

Precision Industrial Training School

We have an exclusive training school for our employees that helps impart working knowledge and skills required for the job. Not only do we ensure on the job training but also provide training manuals in the local languages, covering the fundamentals of machining, welding, fitting, grinding etc. This helps the employees to get acquainted with the basic knowledge of the job which they can later build upon.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

For our organization, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) belongs to one of our core values and we give prime importance to it. We do not look at CSR activities as a compulsion or a requirement to be fulfilled but truly take it to be our honor to be able to give back to the society that has helped us reach our current position. Some of the CSR activities that have been undertaken by the company include: sponsoring activities for community development through various Non-Government Organizations, activities through the Lion's Club and contributions made to various Rotary Clubs that undertake many community service activities with the help of the funds provided by PMAC.

An example for the same can be seen in the contributions made by PMAC to a school for underprivileged children in Nandambakkam Village in Tamil Nadu. The management has not only funded for the procurement of the basic facilities such as projectors, screens, tables, chairs, etc. but also for the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the school.